Neckover Trailer VIN Numbers Explained

It’s Ashley with Neckover. I’m here to explain about our VINing system. If you are trying to find a VIN on one of our trailers; your going to want to look on the driver’s side on the neck of the trailer. 

  • It’s gonna have your numbers 1N9. This one is a Gooseneck Livestock; That is a GL. If it is a Flatdeck it will say a GF.
  • The numbers next to that is the size of the trailer it’s self. So it’s a 32. So that tells you it’s a 32 foot trailer.
  • And then the KT, the other two letters inside the VIN tells you the year model. 

So If your looking for the VIN your going to be able to figure out where to find it. It’s on the driver’s side of the neck of the trailer. 

  • The four numbers to the side (of the neck) are inventory numbers that are specifically just for us here at Neckover.

Anything that is a 2000 and up are going to have the VIN number on the neck of the trailer. If its earlier than that, from 1970 to 2000, its going to be on a plate. It could be anywhere. Like on top of the neck of the trailer, sometimes they put them on down below or on the back of the trailer. The VIN number will be stamped on the plate. For the most part it should be stamped somewhere else on the trailer. Those are going to start out with just regular letters like a GHL or a GRR. So those are your early model Neckover Trailers.